Travel Program

Goal of this program is to provide selected, eligible companies with financial support for travel to San Francisco & New York in order to experience the culture and establish connections that will not only help the company directly, but help the entire local ecosystem as well.

Program will provide 75% coverage of up to $5,000 CAD for all eligible expense and will have a quick turnaround time (within 15 business days, with exception to weekends and Holidays).

Start of the project is August 15th 2013 and it would run for 12 months, when it will be reevaluated.

This program is a  “bridge-building” program that will help connect Nova Scotia technology entrepreneurs with their counterparts in the Silicon Valley and New York.

This program is administered by Volta Labs Incorporated (“Volta”), a Halifax non-profit corporation focused on helping information technology companies grow and commercialize their products.

Volta will be disbursing the funds to approved companies for the eligible expenses within 7 days from the receipt of financial reports.


Program is to be administered through the entire year (rolling admission) and is open to companies that meet the following eligibility criteria:

– Nova Scotia based company*
– Working on a product in the ICT sector **
– Not older than 3 years
– Less than 10 employees
– Have not received more than 250k in funding (private or public)

– Spending two weeks or more in San Francisco or New York
– Able to provide pitch deck/product demo as part of their application

Eligible costs and activities:

– Travel expenses (including public transportation and taxi service) – Accommodation

  • –  Entrance fees for events, conferences and seminars
  • –  Food and Entertainment (excluding alcohol)
  • –  Office/Co-working space costs
    Application forms will be made publicly available on the Volta web site.* “Nova Scotia based” for the purposes of this program, means companies incorporated in Nova Scotia and have at least one full-time employee working from a location in Nova Scotia.** Consulting and service based companies are not eligible.


  • Volta will require all successful applicants to submit itemized expense report upon their return from the trip as well as copies of the receipts within 14 days from the return from the trip.By accepting funds from the program, company is obligated to hold a Q&A session with interested companies and individuals within 30 days from their return from the trip.In addition to the Q&A session, company is obligated to update the trip wiki page on a weekly basis. Template for wiki reporting will be provided to the approved companies and it will differentiate between public and private (program administrator) disclosure.

    Company is able to extend the duration of their trip without requesting prior approval, however the $5000 CAD limit will not be increased.

    Expense reports will be made public on Volta web site.


Application form

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