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Our Approach

Dedicated Growth Coaches
We believe shared accountability is the key to startup success.

Volta's dedicated Growth Coaches work closely with you as a founder on a continuous basis, providing support to remove obstacles, minimize risks, and enhance growth using our network of experts and funding partners. Both Growth Coaches and founders carry a shared responsibility in the startup journey. As Growth Coaches, we provide you with honest feedback and a touch of tough love while we guide you skillfully through the startup landscape by leveraging our vast experience. In turn, we expect you to consistently come prepared and pitch up, to bring your A-Game and exhibit a genuine eagerness to learn, to evolve towards being less wrong over time, and to demonstrate unwavering commitment in executing and following through on action plans.

Founder Focused
We focus on your unique needs as a founder, whatever they might be.

We know you're busy and don't have time to waste on programming that covers things you've already learned or done. That's why Volta's Growth Coaches work one-on-one with founders to understand your startup as deeply as possible and identify gaps that could prevent your success, so that together we can build a growth plan with measurable milestones that will lead you to the right support.

Learn Through Execution
We want to empower you through action-oriented guidance.

If you're uncertain about how to tackle a problem, relying solely on book knowledge will only get you so far. That's why we direct founders to experts, programs, and resources that enable hands-on learning. Whether you're facing challenges in funding, talent acquisition, marketing, or any other aspect of startup life, our goal is to empower you to become your own superhero.

Data-Driven Decisions
We use data, to inform you of the best bets to make.

Trial and error without a clear plan is a risky approach for startups. We believe that strategically using data to measure your startup performance is the best way to determine what is working and what's not. Volta’s unique model leads to measurable impact on growth and can drastically improve your chances of success.

Diversity and Inclusion
Our community is open and inclusive to all entrepreneurs

Feeling like you fit into the tech world can be a challenge when the news feature individuals who don't look like you when discussing startups. As gatekeepers and community leaders, it's our responsibility to cultivate a diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem. This means creating an environment where entrepreneurs from all walks of life feel safe and represented.

Hard Facts
$400 M+
Venture Capital
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our community

Founder Stories

"I feel that Volta is a really strong support system, one of the strongest in Atlantic Canada. It's a hub where startups can come together to talk to each other and become a part of a community.  As new founders, we don't have a lot of connections, we don't know a lot of people or who can do each job the best, but Volta can offer that."

Manny Singh
Founder & CEO Easy Planner - Current Resident

"Over the last 3 years, Volta has been a resource that's grown with us. Most programs you do as an entrepreneur are temporary but Volta has been able to adapt and support us as we've grown. In the beginning, it provided me with a desk to work out of and then a space of our own, and now we have fully virtual advisory and support. It's very rare to have a partner that can do that, let alone have a Residency customized to support each individual entrepreneur"

Zach Leberge
Founder & CEO Frenter - Alumni

"Volta is a space where we can work together, a resource for information and connection. It's a very welcoming place to have big ideas! We've come to really adore some of the folks that we've worked with over the years and really appreciate them for following our journey and being supportive. "

Laura Simpson
Founder & CEO SideDoor - Current Resident

"Volta was the first group to invest in Milk Moovement, so they will always be an integral part of Milk Moovement's story! Along with their investment, they gave us office space, mentors, and fellow founders to surround ourselves with. This took our company from being just an "idea" to really believing we could be global leaders in food technology."

Rob Forsythe
Co-Founder and CEO Milk Moovement - Alumni

“Volta helped us find the support we needed as we started our journey, by introducing us to professionals that complimented the strong technical background of our team. We are very grateful to have worked with Volta and recommend more startups reach out to their fantastic team!”

Sara Fedullo
Founder & CEO Hollo Medical - Alumni

“Volta One was a cauldron. And not just because the radiators were stuck on high. From the moment we took up residency in 2013, we felt the pressure to move quickly and advance our business. There was always another resident company wanting to beat you in a pitch competition or recruit your talent. The competitive yet supportive atmosphere pushed us to build our product and pivot quickly. Ultimately, Dash Hudson found product-market fit and moved on from Volta. It is an important part of our history and it was integral to our success.”

Thomas Rankin
Founder & CEO Dash Hudson - Alumni

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