Volta Investment Day

Elevate Your Startup with Venture Capital at Volta Investment Day, Atlantic Canada's Premier Pitch Event This Spring!

May 14, 2024 - Volta, 1800 Argyle St., Halifax, NS

Apply today to showcase your traction, connect with investors and accelerate your growth!

Apply to Pitch

What Pitching Companies Can Expect

Get personalized coaching to prepare for investment
Pitch your startup to sector-specific funds
Secure 1:1 meetings with potential investors in breakout rooms
Startup Selection Criteria

Must be based in Atlantic Canada.

Business Model Validation:
Demonstrates progress with validating business model and revenue streams, refining their pricing strategies and exploring various monetization options.

Interest in Raising VC Capital:
Should be actively seeking venture capital funding.

Financial Projections:
Provides financial projections, outlining how you plan to use the investment and how you expect the business to grow over the next few years.

MVP/Product in Market:
Must have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or a product in the market.

Brand Building: 

Has started to establish brand identity, positioning, online presence, and messaging that resonates with their target market and key stakeholders.

Early Adopter Users/Paying Customers: Ideally, should have early adopter users or even some paying customers.

Pitch Deck and Pitch Video:
Have a well-prepared pitch deck and a pitch video ready.

Market Traction:
Demonstrates market traction and the potential for growth.

Fundraising History:
Provides details of any past fundraising efforts, dilutive and/or non-dilutive.

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