Welcome to Atlantic Canada's leading startup hub.

Volta is one of Canada’s leading startup hubs, located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are focused on early-stage tech founders and their teams in Atlantic Canada.

At Volta, we are dedicated to helping startups in Atlantic Canada take the risks needed to build incredibly valuable companies. We believe that every startup has the potential to make a positive impact on the world, and our mission is to help them drastically improve their odds of doing just that. We provide a range of services to our resident startups, including access to experienced advisors, a comprehensive performance framework, and a suite of tools and resources to help them grow their businesses.

Our Vision

Volta exists to be the cornerstone of a Founder First community in Atlantic Canada, setting the standard for individualized, data-informed startup support. By reshaping how our community nurtures early-stage tech companies, we aim to significantly broaden our impact, enabling more founders to drive sustainable growth and contribute meaningfully to our region's economy.

Our Mission

Help more tech founders in Atlantic Canada drastically improve the probability of building a highly valuable startup.

Our Values

We prioritize quality relationships, anchored by data-driven decisions. We foster a proactive culture of action, clear communication, and continuous improvement. Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity enriches our community, enhancing its resilience and vibrancy.

Hard Facts
$400 M+
Venture Capital
Jobs created in
our community

Our History

In 2013, four passionate individuals created a place for tech founders to build and grow their companies. Jevon MacDonald and Milan Vrekic wanted to provide the Halifax tech community with the resources and mentorship they wished for during the early stages of their tech startups, and Patrick Keefe and J Curry were keen to help make Volta a reality.

The four created Volta Labs (now simply referred to as Volta) as a founder-led startup community, that brings founders together to support each other and meet like-minded people.

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Address: 1800 Argyle Street, unit 801
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3N8 (Opening Fall 2023)

Tel: (902) 702-0194
Monday through Friday - 9am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday - Closed
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