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Tribe and Volta Partner to Accelerate Black Tech in Atlantic Canada

February 8, 2024

Accelerate Black Tech cohort is set to benefit from the combined expertise, education, and tailored support of Tribe and Volta.

Business incubators & accelerators, Volta and Tribe Network, have joined hands to develop a powerful alliance titled Accelerate Black Tech. This initiative will weave Volta’s tailored support model with Tribe’s comprehensive educational and network support, presenting a unified effort to empower Black tech entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada.

  • The Collaboration: Volta and Tribe Network synergize their strengths to offer a multi-faceted program. Tribe will provide network support and non-dilutive funding, while Volta brings its targeted coaching and advisory expertise.
  • The Benefits: Entrepreneurs benefit from Tribe’s community groundwork enriched by Volta’s one-on-one mentorship, ensuring a blend of learning, and practical, tailored application.
  • The Impact: This partnership is focused on delivering a seamless support network that respects the uniqueness of each startup’s journey while fostering a cohesive learning and growth experience.
  • The Process: Black Tech founders and entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada are now invited to apply for this tailored residency program.

Quote from Leadership:

“Collaborating with Tribe Network is a significant milestone for us at Volta. Together, we are committed to empowering Black tech founders by providing them with a comprehensive platform for growth. By combining Tribe’s educational programs with Volta’s tailored coaching, we aim to create an environment where Black founders can thrive and excel in their entrepreneurial journey.” – Matt Cooper, CEO at Volta

”Our collaboration with Volta for the Accelerate Black Tech Cohort represents a pivotal moment in Tribe’s mission to support Black tech entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada. We are creating a unique platform for growth and success by bringing together our strengths. This partnership underscores our commitment to nurturing the talents of Black founders, providing them with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the tech industry. Together, we’re not just supporting individual startups; we’re fostering a vibrant, inclusive ecosystem that champions diversity and innovation in Atlantic Canada.” – Alfred Burgesson, CEO at Tribe Network

The Accelerate Black Tech cohort is set to be a beacon of holistic development for Black tech startups. By marrying Tribe Network’s educational training with Volta’s nuanced support approach, the program promises a balanced, nurturing environment for founders to thrive and excel.

Black tech founders ready to elevate their journey with an integrated approach to education and custom support, look no further. To access the combined power of Tribe’s and Volta’s resources.

Apply now

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