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BDC's Thrive Lab Partners with Volta to Elevate Women-Led Startups in Atlantic Canada

December 5, 2023

You know you're on the right path when Canada's largest business development bank selects your startup hub as one of 25 partners across the country to invest in promising, impact-driven, women-led companies. Yes, Volta is proud to announce that we are now part of BDC's Thrive Lab for Women, reinforcing our commitment to the advancement of women-led startups in Atlantic Canada. 

Thrive Lab for Women is a brand new initiative by BDC that aims to inject $100 million in equity and equity-like investments into women-led businesses across Canada. The focus is not just on financial returns but on solutions to some of society's most pressing issues. The beauty of Thrive Lab is that it is breaking new ground by supporting businesses in their earliest stages, ones poised to achieve objectives while generating financial returns but which are not there just yet. 

“Partnering with BDC's Thrive Lab marks a pivotal step in our mission" says Matt Cooper, Volta's CEO. "This collaboration strengthens our commitment to elevating women-led startups in Atlantic Canada. We're not just nurturing businesses, but empowering women entrepreneurs to drive significant societal change. This partnership is about shaping a more inclusive and equitable future for the Atlantic Canadian Startup community." 

Volta's vision aligns with BDC's community-building ethos, particularly in supporting women changemakers. Our approach, centered in Atlantic Canada, is designed to foster social impact through tailored support for startups. Diversity and inclusion are core elements of our strategy, reflected in our support for early-stage startups, especially those led by women and individuals from varied backgrounds. Notably, 25% of our resident founders are BIPOC and 35% of our startups are led or founded by women.

Our emphasis on practical learning and capacity building, coupled with our dedication to sustainable and socially responsible business practices, is well aligned with Thrive Lab's focus areas: food security, health, education, reducing inequalities, and responsible consumption. Our Dedicated Growth Coach model is instrumental in providing custom support to startups from underrepresented communities, helping to break barriers and to improve our local communities for all.

These news also signify a new page for the female entrepreneurs that found their footing at Volta. "This is an exciting opportunity for women founders! Volta has always supported Myomar since our initial stages, our relationship with Volta has opened many doors for our business and helped us achieve important milestones. We are a proud member of this community and looking forward to this new chapter!" says Rafaela Andrade, founder and CEO of Volta Resident company Myomar Molecular

For Volta, this partnership with BDC's Thrive Lab is a thrilling chapter in our journey. We're not just partners; we're enthusiastic advocates for the incredible women entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of Atlantic Canada.

For a deeper dive into Volta's initiatives, explore our website and learn more about BDC's Thrive Lab for Women.

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