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Volta's Fifth Ecosystem Impact Awards Recognize Five Atlantic Canadian Community Members

September 21, 2023

Five awards were distributed to the winning Atlantic Canadian individuals, companies and supporters at Volta’s fifth annual Ecosystem Impact Awards, proudly supported by RBC and Emera ideaHUB. The event took place at the Dalhousie Ocean Sciences Building in Halifax, NS on September 20, 2023. 

 The Ecosystem Impact Awards were launched in 2019 to acknowledge and celebrate the changemakers, community leaders and supporters who are rapidly transforming the startup ecosystem in Atlantic Canada. 

The award categories include: Catalyst, Community Leader, Disruptor and Positive Impact – one for a company and another recognizing an individual.

The awards were distributed as follows: 

  • Genesis received the Catalyst Award, which recognizes an organization that has helped create cohesion and growth in the Atlantic Canadian startup ecosystem. This can include: building relationships between organizations in the ecosystem, supporting growth in the startup community, and reducing or removing barriers to startups’ success. 
  • Minder Singh received the Community Leader Award, which recognizes a company or Founder directly impacting the growth and development of the Technology and Innovation Ecosystem in Atlantic Canada. They demonstrate dedication to the startup community, and give back through the donation of time, mentorship and serving as a resource in a peer-to-peer environment.
  • CapIntel received the Disruptor Award, which recognizes an Atlantic Canadian technology startup that has experienced significant success over the past year. Success can be measured in a number of ways, including; innovative technology, solving a technological need, capturing a new sector or market, disruption of a service or market segment, applications of product or service and traction in, or ability to obtain traction in the international marketplace.
  • Square Roots received the Positive Impact Award – Company, which recognizes a company that has developed and implemented solutions for social, cultural and/or environmental issues that benefit the community at large.
  • Shelley Hessian received the Positive Impact Award- Individual, which recognizes an individual who has developed and implemented solutions for social, cultural or environmental issues that benefit the community at large.

The recipients were selected by a panel of judges, composed of regional business and educational leaders. There were more than 70 nominations received.

“We have an incredibly strong community commitment to entrepreneurship and this year’s record number of award nominations is a clear indication of that”, said Volta’s CEO, Matt Cooper. “The 2023 winners and nominees represent the best of our region's innovation and support. We're excited to showcase their achievements and eager to see their future contributions to our region."

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