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Volta Unveils State-of-the-Art Innovation Hub in Downtown Halifax with Major Government Funding Support

November 15, 2023

Last night, November 14, 2023, marked a historic moment for Volta as we celebrated the grand opening of our new community space and innovation hub at the Armoyan Centre in Downtown Halifax as well as the company's 10 year anniversary. 

A Night of Commitment and Collaboration

Attended by a diverse audience of over 100 individuals from across the Atlantic Canadian innovation ecosystem, the Grand Opening Ceremony was not just a celebration of a physical space but a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines the region's tech community. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of significant funding commitments from both the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the Government of Nova Scotia.

Investing in Innovation: ACOA and Nova Scotia Government's Pledge

ACOA is injecting a non-repayable investment of $3 million into Volta, providing crucial support for three years of programming and assistance to the startup technology community in Atlantic Canada. This includes core operations, as well as tailored programs, education initiatives, and networking events.

The Government of Nova Scotia is equally invested in the success of entrepreneurs, contributing $3.8 million over the next five years. This funding will empower Volta to continue delivering educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and essential tools to help startups thrive in Nova Scotia.

A Shared Vision for Growth

Matt Cooper, CEO at Volta, expressed gratitude for the support, stating, "The commitment from ACOA and the Government of Nova Scotia is critical to our community's success. Their investment enables us to provide a community center for entrepreneurs to learn, work, and support each other."

This long-term funding reinforces the shared priorities and dedication to supporting founders and their teams in creating jobs and strengthening the economic landscape of Atlantic Canada.

Endorsements from Dignitaries and Industry Leaders

Andy Fillmore, Member of Parliament for Halifax, spoke on behalf of the Honourable Gudie Hutchings, Minister of Rural Economic Development and Minister responsible for ACOA. He stated, "Atlantic Canada has become a powerhouse when it comes to innovative ecosystems and the startup community. Today’s investment will help Volta continue to support high-growth startups and further fuel momentum, marking the region as a hub for ingenuity and economic prosperity."

The Honourable Susan Corkum-Greek, Minister of Economic Development for the Province of Nova Scotia, added, "Volta has a proven track record of success when it comes to supporting entrepreneurs to launch and grow their startups. This funding contributes to our active startup community and will help even more Nova Scotia businesses take risks, build momentum, and thrive."

Laura Simpson, CEO Co-Founder of Side Door, shared her perspective as a startup founder, emphasizing the importance of Volta's support: "Being a founder of a startup can be a lonely and extremely challenging experience, but Volta has made it easier with education, advisory support and - most importantly - a great startup community. Having a physical space to gather and trade wins, sorrows and ideas is essential for the health of our companies and their teams."

A Grateful Community and a Bright Future

Volta expressed deep gratitude for the ongoing support from partners, stakeholders, and the wider community. Together, we are creating an environment where groundbreaking ideas flourish, new businesses emerge, and the future of innovation is shaped.

The new location boasts 20 company offices, four partner offices, a spacious coworking and event space with breathtaking views of Parade Square and the Halifax Harbour, as well as multiple meeting rooms and call booths. It is a space designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and the growth of Atlantic Canada's tech ecosystem.

The Grand Opening Ceremony was not just the unveiling of a physical space but the realization of a shared vision for a thriving and collaborative tech community in Atlantic Canada. With the unwavering support of ACOA and the Government of Nova Scotia, Volta's new space stands as a testament to the region's commitment to innovation, economic growth, and the success of its entrepreneurs.

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