Transform your startup idea into a thriving business.

Volta Signal is the starting point in our residency program. We work alongside founders like you who are in the idea stage of their startup journey. Our goal is to help you find a Signal in the market and learn the skills needed to test the assumptions your product idea is based on.

Through our 1:1 guidance and support, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your target market, uncover an urgent problem and discover what they're truly looking for in a solution.

The primary focus for Signal is determining if the problem you're trying to solve is significant enough to build a successful business around.

We're committed to equipping you with the essential skills needed to validate your ideas and establish a solid foundation for your startup. In the Signal residency track, we concentrate on the following key areas:

Problem Hypothesis
1. Documenting Problem Hypothesis:

We'll help you identify and document the assumptions you're making about the problem, target customers, and potential solution. This enables you to recognize the crucial aspects that need to be tested and validated.
Market Research
2. Conducting Market Research:

We'll guide you in building the skills necessary to research the market you're targeting, understand the alternative solutions available to your target customers, and define the segments of the market that your solution will aim to address. This will help you gain valuable insights into the competitive landscape and identify potential opportunities for differentiation.
Adopter Funnel
3. Building an Early Adopter Funnel:

We'll support you in creating an early adopter funnel designed to attract and convert early adopters. This involves testing messaging strategies that engage and convert individuals who are open to discussing your startup idea.
4. Developing Testable Assumptions:

You'll learn how to design research questions that gather unbiased data from your prospects. This evidence is essential for determining the critical features of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and deciding which features can be implemented later.
Customer Discovery
5. Conducting Customer Discovery Research:

We'll provide guidance on conducting customer discovery interviews with prospective customers, allowing you to gather valuable insights and feedback on your ideas, helping you further refine what is truly needed to deliver value to the market.
6. Analyzing Research Data:

You'll learn to analyze the outcomes of customer conversations to refine your assumptions, focus on the most pressing problems, and pinpoint the issues that customers are willing to pay to resolve.

Admission Requirements

  • An idea for solving a real problem through a technology based solution
  • The startup founder(s) are based in Atlantic Canada.
  • Willingness to document its startup’s profile to communicate your vision.
  • The startup founder agrees to meet with growth coach on a regular cadence as milestones are reached.
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