Built by founders for founders.

In 2013, four passionate individuals created a place for tech founders to build and grow their companies. Jevon MacDonald and Milan Vrekic wanted to provide the Halifax tech community with the resources and mentorship they wished for during the early stages of their tech startups, and Patrick Keefe and J Curry were keen to help make Volta a reality.

The four created Volta Labs (now simply referred to as Volta) as a founder-led startup community, that brings founders together to support each other and meet like-minded people.

In the 10 years of Volta's existence, the company has gone through many iterations, locations and leaderships.

From its grassroots origins at a space with no air conditioning and no doors to an ample state-of-the-art office and coworking space, things have definitely changed around Volta but one thing that has stayed the same is our dedication to helping founders and their startups succeed.

Volta's Timeline
Volta is founded and opens its doors to founders at Spring Garden Road.
Volta becomes the home for startups like Swept, Proposify, Introhive and Dash Hudson.
Volta moves to the Maritime Centre on the 6th and 7th floors.
With the space expansion Volta opens its coworking space to the public
Volta step up its programming and launches Volta Cohort and Volta Academy
Volta expands and moves to the Lobby and Mezzanine levels of the Maritime Centre.
In partnership with RBC, Volta hosts the first Ecosystem Impact Awards to celebrate the changemakers in Atlantic Canada.
The COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe and Volta pivots to support startups in a remote capacity
Volta launches its Virtual Residency, extending its support offer to all of Atlantic Canada.
The Volta OS is solidified and Volta's new founder-centric support model is put into operation.
Volta celebrates 10 years and moves to a new location at the Armoyan Centre in the Fall.
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