Fostering Startup Success Through Collective Community Effort

We understand that nurturing a startup to its full potential is a collective community effort. It requires multiple organizations working together, each bringing unique resources, expertise, and perspectives. Our approach to supporting startups is rooted in this collaborative ethos. We focus on uniting various community stakeholders to provide founders with the holistic support they need to thrive.

We believe startups are the driving force behind innovation and economic growth. By putting founders at the center and fostering strong, long-term relationships within our collaborative ecosystem, we're powering innovation and building a robust, vibrant startup community in Atlantic Canada and beyond. This collective effort is what truly propels startup success and positions Atlantic Canada as a thriving hub of entrepreneurial activity.

Volta’s approved, founder focused product and service providers.

The Power Crew is a group of trusted partners Volta works with to create exclusive offers for our residents. This curated list of partners have founder focused products and services that every team needs to grow.

Ecosystem Supporters

We make it easy for your company to support the local tech ecosystem.

Volta’s Ecosystem Supporters are a wide range of companies across the Maritimes and Canada that understand the value of a thriving startup tech ecosystem and seek to align their brand with this innovative community.

Support our Ecosystem
Community Partners
Together we can connect the dots to simplify the founder's journey.

As one of Canada’s largest startup hubs, Volta is uniquely positioned to help develop and boost Atlantic Canada’s next big ideas. Through the support of our partners, we can offer our founders top-notch resources and opportunities so that they can focus on building and growing their companies.

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Volta AI

Helping artificial intelligence supply chain companies scale.

This program, in partnership with Scale AI, provides eligible AI supply chain focused companies access to funding and programming to scale.

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